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 We Import Your Wine

 You have left some Wine behind in France ?

We collect your Wine anywhere in France

When the time comes for a  Relocation from France to the US, Importing your personal wine collection, built with passion for years, can be challenging and the wine often stay in France:

  1. Restricting Regulations, specific per state
  2. Complex  rules and procedures to import wine in United States.
  3. Standard Shipping conditions don’t meet your Wine Temperature Requirements.

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We Store your Wine, in France. 

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 You want to start a new French wine Collection ?

Consolidate your collection in our Wine Cellar in Paris

Shop anywhere in France, at your Favorite French Wineries or any on-line store! You can buy at your Rythm and Simply ship your wine to the Personal Wine Cellar, we offer you in Paris.

  1. We store your Wine under ideal conditions the time you need.
  2. You manage your cellar, on-line, at your fingertips via our Application.
  3. You trigger the importation and initiate delivery to the US, when  you are ready.

That's so simple !

Start Your French Wine Collection Today

  • Shop your wine anywhere in France (during your holidays or even on-line)
  • Ask the Winery or the vendor to ship your wine to Paris
  • We offer a personal wine cellar service.
  • Manage your inventory on-line via our app (myfrenchcellar.fr)
  • When you are ready, we manage all importation procedures to the US.
  • For a delivery, in the US, at your home.

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Service Available Today in the following states : New York | New Jersey